Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who needs stuffing?

When I was growing up, roast chicken was special - this was before there were chicken factories, before anyone would dream of putting a creature in a cage so small that it can't sit down, turn around, scratch it's own ear. In a cage where it never sees the sun. So, chicken's were expensive - they took space to grow. Chicken's tasted different then. When it was our birthday, we could choose our favourite meal. Mine was always roast chicken, with roast potatoes, peas, carrots, gravy made with pan drippings (no packet gravy in those days), and herby bread stuffing.
Now I'm older I still love roast chicken. I buy the one's that have lived a happy life - they're expensive, but we're worth it. I can't eat the bread stuffing any more, but that's ok because of Jamie Oliver. I love that man. I love his enthusiasm, his passion and the fact he is trying to make good food available for everyone. He is awesome, and these onions are really good too.

Jamie's Stuffed Onions

Peel onions and boil for 15 minutes until soft.
Cut the onions in half and scoop out the middle.

Chop the scooped-out bits and fry in oil and butter, with chopped rosemary.
Cool slightly then add a little cream and some grated parmesan to make a gluggy mix.

Stuff the mix back into the onions.
Wrap the onions with a strip of bacon and secure with a rosemary skewer (or a tooth-pick).
Bake until golden.

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