Friday, April 1, 2011

Lemon Posset and new friends

The very best thing about blogging is the people you meet.
The idea behind me doing this blog was that I put all my many recipes on my blog, so that I don't need to cart my recipe books and magazines around with me... The trouble with blogging is that you 'meet' people who also have recipes to share. And because they sound so good, I want to try them.
This week I made Ina's Italian Sausage Pesto Cannelloni, which I did not photograph, but which was so good! Ina is here:, check out her blog, I thoroughly recommend it.

I love lemon desserts, so I was really pleased to find this one on another new friend's blog. This is from a fellow kiwi, she made a Lemon Posset - that is rich, creamy, simple and a perfect finish to a meal. SH is a new coeliac, blogging her way through her first year of gluten-free eating. I'll be making the Posset again!

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo. And I agree about the many online friends you meet. Cheers to you (holding up my glass of bubbly. oops, that's right, there's none left). :-)