Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If I was a critter

I'd be a hedgehog.
Prickly on the outside... soft in the middle...

My Nana gave me this when I was 18. I suspect she'd be disappointed that I haven't changed...


Kea said...

I love that hedgehog! And what looks like a dandelion puff!

As an aside, and not about hedgehogs but similar....My father and his family are German, and when I was a little girl, my grandma used to call me Kimmy-line stachelschwein. Someone joked and told me it meant "pig's behind," and I grew up thinking that's what I had been called. Until last year (I'm 47!!), when I found out "stachelschwein" meant porcupine.

Well, porcupines are prickly on the outside too. LOL.

Janet NZ said...

Oh, that's terrible! I bet it was a brother who told you it meant 'pig's behind'... it sounds like an evil brother thing to do :-)

Anonymous said...

I had an uncle that told me when I was about 7, that my sister was born with beauty and I was born with brains! I grew up believing I was ugly. Still not sure today what I am but my husband assures me I am beautiful :-)

Janet NZ said...

My Nana told me that since I would never be beautiful, I should cultivate a pleasant expression.
I was 8.
Every little girl wants to be beautiful.
Adults do terrible things to children.
How lovely to have a husband who tells you you are beautiful