Sunday, April 24, 2011

What to do?

We went for dinner at a friend's home on Saturday.
They are fantastic cooks - the Masterchefs of our group.
They know I have celiac disease and what it means.
They told me to scrape the crumbs off the top, so that I could eat the fish.
I did.
The acid burn started within 10 minutes and the tummy grumbles within half an hour.
I took 3 losec when we got home, but still had a bad night.
Sunday spent close to the loo, and I was tired and VERY grumpy and depressed.
What would you do - in the same position?
I didn't want to hurt the feelings of these lovely people who had gone to so much trouble for all of us.
But, I don't want to be unwell either.

We have a party coming up on Friday - to celebrate the royal wedding.
We have a brunch today to decide Friday's menu - it will be a kind of pot-luck meal... Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy... Trifle... probably nothing I can eat...
Would it be rude of me to bring a dish I can share... PLUS a picnic box for myself?
I don't want to call attention to myself - there will be heaps of people there - it's not a sit-down meal...

What do you think?
What should I do?


Kea said...

I definitely would bring both--a dish to share, but food for yourself, too. 1. Friends will understand (if they know your health history). 2. It's not their business anyway.

BTW, no offense intended to your friends, but were I in their shoes, I would have ensured that dinner would be something *you* could eat, without having to scrape the crumbs off. Or I would have offered two dishes, perhaps. Particularly since they know you have celiac disease.

Cosmo said...

If I had a friend for dinner that I knew had celiac then I would make sure I had something suitable for them to eat. How hard would it have been to do your fish seperately?

There are so many great things you could take to the party that everyone would be happy to eat, so make sure there are things you can eat on the menu. Even if it means taking a few different dishes yourself. You need to enjoy it too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet - just left a comment that did not work so will try again. I would bring a dish with me to share and I would lay it out loud and clear to my friends so they understand. If they don't - and I have had friends that did not, I said bye-bye! My best friend loves and supports all of me including my celiac disease. She goes out of her way to make sure my food is safe, bless her heart. Honestly, those are the only friends I need. One crumb can kill me for three days! It is like saying "oh, I am just a little bit pregnant, but I'll be fine" Not!! Sorry for the rant, but I feel for you, and people need more and more awareness. Feel better soon, Ina :)

The InTolerant Chef said...

I know just how you feel!
In my job as a chef, I see cooking great gluten free food as second only to EDUCATING the other chefs around me in catering for gluten free cooking.
I just spent a few days away and my mother in law told me not to worry about food as she'd just cook me plain spaghetti to eat- because spaghetti doesn't have any wheat does it????
I always take my own food. I have a big handbag I take 'emergency' yummy food in to all occaisions- just in case.
Next time you go to a friends house, take your own food and don't feel self concious. The secret is to make it so delicious that everyone has a taste and it opens their eyes to the great tastes of gf food as well, that way they won't see it as 'wierd' or 'faddy' food, but desireable and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Janet. I am very surprised at your friends. I have a sister in law who doesn't want to be bothered cooking for me. But at least she told me and I just take my own food on the few times we visit.