Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, it all went well...

the results are in and, thank goodness, no sign of anything nasty at all in my bowel, but I have to have an ultrasound scan to check the rest of my pelvic area.
BUT. I did throw a little hissy-fit at the specialist (eek - must've been the drugs)
Nice man, he came in to give me the results. I told him I had been talking via the internet with other people with celiac disease... He looked surprised and said "Do you have celiac - I thought the biopsies came back normal?"
Cue my hissy-fit.
HE TOLD ME he had seen the damage to my gut that only celiac disease causes!
HE TOLD ME the biopsies were just a formality - that he had seen the damage, therefore the disease was advanced.
I'm afraid I might've shouted.

He blinked a bit and then said - you must be one of the funny ones - we get them sometimes and we never know what to tell them...
I said "You tell them they have celiac disease. You tell them if they give up gluten they will feel very much better in a very short time."
Fucking Hell! (Pardon the language, but REALLY!)
He said he would do that in future - that I had obviously done a lot of research about the condition and that he was pleased the gluten-free diet was working for me, then he got out of there pretty sharpish....

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Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that the results of the colonoscopy showed nothing nasty in the bowel.

I am deeply ashamed that New Zealand has such specialists!