Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook! Bah!!

Am I the only Noddy in the world who can't figure out how to make Facebook work? No-body laugh! I think I might just stick to Blogging.
We're going out for dinner tonight. I have phoned the restaurant, they say they have one or two gluten-free options on the menu and please would I talk to the wait-staff when I order. Ok. But, how hard would it be to just put a small label on the gluten-free options?
I think I will end up eating steak and salad - usually the only thing I'm confident in ordering these days... but I WILL check.

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Kea said...

Well, I don't do FB (or Twitter), so I'd be no help in figuring out how it works. I always wonder how people juggle full-time work, blogging, FB, etc., plus kids (fur and/or human) and general life stuff. I figure they must not sleep!

I hope you had a lovely dinner--steak and salad sounds yummy to me. :-)