Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's interesting to me...

I have a small 'procedure' coming up next week, that has meant I have to be on a 'low residual' diet for the last few days. It's really restrictive -  suffice to say I have eaten only chicken, fish and hard-boiled egg since Thursday (though there are a few more options that I can't be bothered with).
It's interesting that the longer I go, the less hungry I am - and I'm NOT eating much at all.
If you're broad-minded (and you must be if you're here at all - thank you) - check this out .... type in youtube billy connolly colonoscopy.... it will give you an idea of what my tomorrow will be.... yay me :-)


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I will be waiting for the update :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I feel for you! Gotta love Billy Connelly! He is a hoot!

Janet NZ said...

Thanks girls - I appreciate your support. So far, it is not as bad as Billy makes it seem - though I laughed so hard at his account, the cat got off my knee, all affronted :-) I am eager for the results now - will keep you posted.
JKxxx said...

Great to have met you and wishing you all the best for your procedure.
Hubby has IBS which isn't serious but it means we have to be careful what we feed him or he's in a lot of discomfort.
I'm interested in checking out your Gluten Free posts and am now following your blog.
By the way Billy Connelly is ace.
Warm wishes from a grey misty UK...well it's either foggy or my glasses are dirty again :)