Friday, February 11, 2011

Tomato Water

Each year Rick asks me how many tomato seeds he should plant. Each year I say "Six or Seven". This year we have 24.

This is what I picked today.
I munched them in the whizz

Then I put them in a colander, lined with clean tea towel, and I hung it over a bowl to drain.

It'll drain overnight in the fridge. The clear liquid that comes out the bottom is tomato water - the concentrated essence of summer. I'll freeze it in little cubes and use it over winter, when this heat and humidity are just a memory.
I've never done this before. I sure hope it works...
It DID work!!! These smell stunning.

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my darling lemon thyme said...

Wow, 24 plants you say!? We are struggling to keep up with 12 this year. This looks like a fab idea. I've been turing most of my excess ones into simple tomato sauce for pizza. Then freezing it. I guess I'll end up giving it all away in 3 weeks when we move to Perth tho!