Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Have you tried this yet?

 I keep reading about how fabulous Coconut Oil is, so I bought some... And it is! Such a subtle flavour. Some bloggers have mentioned eating it by the spoonful - I'm not up for that - yet - but I did lick my finger and it is really good stuff. It melts in your mouth like the best Belgian chocolate and doesn't taste at all oily. I expected it to be a bit like lard, but it isn't at all.
 I cooked last week's liver and bacon in it, and I made a date and chocolate and almond and coconut oil thing yesterday (I know I'm dieting, but it was one of those days). I'll do the recipe tomorrow - Yoshi has helped me eat some steak and is now asleep on my lap. It's kinda hard to blog around a cat.
This picture was taken in summer, but the effect is the same


Sylvia said...

The coconut oil is a saturated fat, very healthy. I loved the title of your blog, reminded me Rent's music, which I love!

Fuzzy Tales said...

It's hard to do anything around a cat. LOL.

The coconut oil looks intriguing, I've never tried it. I love coconut, though, so am sure I'd like it!

-Kim/Kea from Musings on a Small Life

Anonymous said...

I love coconut oil too! Its also great for seasoning cast iron pans. I love your cat, he sure looks similar to our Miss Lilly!

Janet NZ said...

Sylvia! Great to hear from you - I wasn't sure if you would find my message on Shauna's blog.
You seemed to be finding this coeliac thing so frustrating, and I understand completely. It IS frustrating, and I imagine even more so when you live in a small town. But you are not alone. Check out some of the blogs I follow, there are recipes, hints and more importantly, support and understanding. Sleeping Horse is a kiwi, as is Emm at My Darling Lemon Thyme (though she has just moved to Perth). Ina at Glutenfreedelightfullydelicious is in Canada - her food is great. These blogs will lead you to more blogs - all folks 'just like us'. If you'd like to email me we could 'talk' in more depth :-)

Anonymous said...

I have seen plenty of recipes with coconut oil but I saw it in a store once and it was so damn expensive that it has put me off even thinking about buying it.
But I will rethink now that I see me friend Janet with some. I can't be left out in the cold. Where did you get yours and how much?

Janet NZ said...

SH! You made me laugh! I got the oil and BinnIn, but it was a while ago and I can't remember how much (I'm guessing expensive though!) You're worth it :-)