Monday, May 16, 2011

Cauliflower Rice with Prawns

I thought I would miss rice.
You're not supposed to eat grains on this Primal/Paleo thing, and rice is a grain...
I'd seen cauliflower rice on several other blogs I look at, and thought it might work...
I put some chicken stock in a pot and boiled it to reduce it right down, then I added some finely sliced leek and reduced it until there was only a few tablespoons left.
I munched about half a cauliflower in the food processor - using the 'large grate' blade.
I put a knob of butter into the reduced stock.
Then I added the cauliflower, grated zucchini (that I had frozen earlier - thanks for the idea Ina x), prawns and grated parmesan.
It steamed for 3 - 4 minutes.
Then we ate it.

I'm still not sure that Rick realises it was not rice.
It was really tasty and the meal didn't leave me sleepy - the way eating risotto used to do.
On the subject of sleep - since starting this way of eating... I hesitate to say 'diet', because that is a four-letter-word that means 'failure' in my personal dictionary.... I have slept like a rock.
The only thing that wakes me is a cat on my chest... and he's only on my chest, because he hasn't been able to wake me any other way!
It's now 11:10am - I haven't yet had breakfast... because I simply haven't been hungry... I still feel really good :-)


Anonymous said...

Yummmm....ohh sooo yummm! This sounds so delicious. I have seen other recipes out there too, and honestly, yours sounds so, so good! I must try! You are tempting me on this diet with the sleep issue...menopause hell...maybe this might work?

Bodacious Boomer said...

I've never tried that. It sounds good; but isn't it right up there with palm oil on the big No-no list?

(Not that I'm living the life by just eating twigs and berries or anything.)

I've had powdered coconut though. It's fabulous on a fresh fruit salad.

Janet NZ said...

I don't know all the science... I mean I've READ it, but ... you know...! The primal/paleo people really promote fat as being GOOD for you. It's very satisfying, that is - you don't eat much - you CAN'T eat much, therefore you don't EAT so much... It's a good thing I have never aspired to teach, because I SUCK at it LOL! anyway Coconut oil is GOOD x