Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Duck Fat

I went to Moore Wilson's in Wellington at the weekend. Moore Wilson's is a deli/grocery/bakery/green-grocer/butcher/fish-monger/dry-goods and kitchen equipment store... and I think I probably have left something out.
Moore Wilson's is one of the reasons I love Wellington.
I bought several things, but the only one I have used so far is....

Duck Fat - OhMyGod!

I wrapped some chicken thighs in bacon, and peeled and sliced some pumpkin.

 I put them all in my large cast-iron pan, dotted everything with some duck fat and baked it in the oven until everything was cooked.
You haven't lived until you've eaten potatoes cooked in duck fat, but pumpkin is pretty damn good too.... and this is DIET food people :-)

We had it with a green salad.


Ina said...

Mercy! That sounds heavenly....and so does the store! My favorite kind of store...we don't have one here, somebody send some good stuff up our way!

Janet NZ said...

We don't have one HERE either, which is a source of frustration and annoyance to those of us who love our food! :-)

Ei said...

That sounds goooood. Yesterday, I asked the butcher at my supermarket if they had duck breasts, and he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I didn't think it was THAT bizarre of a question. I'm definitely jealous of your vat o' duck fat.

I love your blog, btw. I only found it recently. You make me laugh. :-)

Bodacious Boomer said...

There's a place here that cooks all their fried in duck fat. They are amazing!

Janet NZ said...

Oh WOW! EVERYTHING cooked in duck fat - how could you possibly go wrong?? - it's almost cheating!

Hello Ei
I've left a comment on your google account, because blogger wont let me do it properly. Welcome aboard

Thomas said...

Holy heck, I need to get my hands on that duck fat!!! I wish it was more readily available where we are.